to be honest, i never know exactly what to say when people ask me about myself. i like to learn, i like to laugh, and i like to take photos. if i’m lucky, i get to do all of those things every day.

it seems i’ve always found myself with a camera in my hand. it was never something i thought about exactly; recording the places and people around me came naturally. throughout the years i’ve amassed an incredible archive of memories, and i’ve taken great pleasure in being able to to make them more and more beautiful as i’ve become more familiar with my way around a camera.

i truly love and take great honor in sharing and capturing moments for and with others, and it has been nothing short of a pleasure to turn what i suppose you’d call a hobby into a true way of life.

when i am not behind the camera, enjoying a meal with friends (or by myself, to be honest- food is a hobby too, right?), messing with my hair color (currently we’re at a blonde, and i’m feeling noticeably normal…), listening to a podcast (tough choice but current top three: baby geniuses, casefile, and mall talk), reading any and all wikipedia pages (may i recommend ‘list of fandom nicknames’?), or getting overly enthusiastic about the nearest animal.

and if you have a photo booth at whatever event you have kindly invited me to shoot, you’re correct, i would love to take a goofy photo in it, thank you for asking.

from and based in los angeles, california

bachelor of arts from bennington college in bennington, vt - class of 2016

liberal arts with a concentration in conflict resolution and human behavior

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